Can't get started

I have Cubase Elements, bought about a month ago. I have the UR 22 mkII interface. I have selected the correct driver, and the light on the interface is steady, as it should be. I plug a guitar into the interface. I select the interface input. I create a track. When I press record, the input on the Cubase screen shows it is receiving the signal. But nothing is recorded. I’m not a young man and I didn’t grow up with computers: but I’ve done everything I know how to do to get recording. Would it be possible for anyone to identify the problem (in simple language, please!)?


Which “input on the Cubase screen”? and have you selected the correct input bus for the track?

I select the interface on a pop-up titled “Audio Driver Set-up”.

The input on the Cubase screen is a visual sound meter on the right hand end of the transport bar.

I’m not sure what’s meant by “input bus”, but when creating the track I select mono, which appears to create a left channel input and a stereo output.

In VST connections (F4) create a mono bus, on the right hand column, assign the hardware input of your interface, which receives the guitar signal.
In the project window create a mono audio track, and in the inspector´s in- / output routing select the “mono” input bus you just connected in VST connections. activate the monitor button on the track.

Thank you svennilenni! Success!

You should consider writing a beginner’s manual for Cubase!