Can't hear any sound through heaphones? HELP PLEASE!

For some reason, when I attempt to record sound through my microphone, Cubase 6 displays input coming in but I cannot hear any sound?

No sound is present during playback, or even when I test the input levels. However, outside of cubase, through say iTunes I can hear sound with the same setup

I am using Cubase 6, with an M-Audio - Fast Track Ultra 8x8 audio interface, Shure SM57 microphone, and Sennheiser HD 280 pro heaphones

Any help will be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

Have you got monitoring turned on for the audio track?

Have you selected the M-Audio ASIO driver in Cubase? Have you setup all the connections properly? do you have the headphones plugged into the M-Audio Interface headphone socket?


This reply is very late but anyway,

To Shinta:

My monitoring is turned on

And to Spllt:

The M-audio ASIO is selected, the headphones are plugged into the M-audio interface, but I think that my connectons may be set up incorrectly

What is confusing is that I can hear sound through a MIDI keyboard on an Instrument track, but cannot hear anything through an audio track

So far my VST connections are set with -

Input: Mono (Set to channel 3 on my interface, which is the channel that my mic is plugged into), and Stereo (Set to channels 1 and 2)

Outputs: Stereo (Channels 1 and 2)

An Audio track has been created with:

Input: Mono (Channel 3)
Output: Stereo (Channels 1 and 2)

When I record audio, it can be played back through the headphones. But when ‘monitor’ is enabled I cannot hear any sound, during playback, and during recording

Thanks for the replies, if you can help me with this next step that’d be great

Have you got direct monitoring turned on?

Yeah, direct monitoring is turned on

Any other ideas?

Turn It Off…

That was it!

You’re a legend mate, thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it

I can’t believe it was that simple!

Thanks again

I have same problem ,i have done direct monitoring off in my focusrite but cant hear any sound while playback,what to do?

Did you turn off the CB audio track monitor function to hear what was recorded?

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi…I’m new to Cubase. I have tried all of the above and nothing is working. What am I not doing?