Can't Hear Audio (Elements 10.5)

N00b here. I’m using a new Surface Pro 7 and the internal card. I just installed the software and all I want to do is listen to some loops. I have been through the STUDIO SETUP and have generic low latency driver, been into control panel and made sure it matches my internal sound card. Tried everything, I think. BUT … no audio. I see the level meters bumping, and my computer plays sound outside of Cubase, but I can’t get anything inside of Cubase to work. I’m watching the tutorials and feel hosed because I can’t even participate in the tutorials without being able to hear. Any suggestions?

Hi and welcome,

Could you please attach screenshots of:

  • Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System
  • Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs
  • Studio > Audio Connections > Sutdio

See below. I don’t have Studio > Audio Connections > Studio (just input and output). Thanks for your help. I went ahead and purchased a
Focusrite Scarlett Solo anyway but it would be nice to know why it’s not working “out of the box”. I’ve also installed ASIO4ALL and switched back and forth from the generic, but that doesn’t work either.


Can you hear a sound from other applications but Cubase, using this Audio Device?

I have full audio capability in all other programs. I’ve used BandLab with no issue and all other native windows programs.