Can't hear audio from imported song

What up y’all. I’ve recently uploaded a song from my motif to Cubase. All of the midi data was transferred to Cubase and all of the track/mixing info was transferred to the VST editor. The problem is I can’t hear any sound when I play the song. I noticed that the tracks in Cubase aren’t labeled with the same detail as they are in the editor. The editor lists the actual voices being used in each track whereas in Cubase there are no voices actually identified in the individual tracks with the midi data (is this normal?). Another thing is that the VST editor says (no audio) next to the title at the top of the page. I’ve checked the levels of the tracks in the channel edit settings and turned everything up, but still I hear nothing. I also checked the sound drivers and that doesn’t seem to be the problem (especially since I can hear other projects created in Cubase just fine). Anyone know what the problem is?