Can't hear audio output at all...

Hi, I am completely new to DAWs in general and I am getting into editing drum covers. I currently have a Focusrite 18i20 and am using Cubase 8 Elements. I have my headphones plugged into the audio interface and there is no sound going to the device. My output bus is set to the default Stereo Out, and I’m not sure what I should set the output to.

Another problem I have is that the sound from my microphones aren’t going into Cubase too. I set each track to each mic (mono 1, mono 2, etc) and I see that they are going into the audio interface because the sound meter is jumping up when I play, but when I arm the channels for recording, nothing gets recorded.


Sorry to hear that you’re having some problems.

Since you’re having a number of different problems and there could be quite a few different causes, it might be easiest to get in touch with us directly here:

If you’d rather receive help from the forum, please provide the following information:

  • What operating system does your computer use (e.g. Mac OS X 10.11.2, Windows 7)?
  • Which version of Scarlett Mix Control do you have installed?

Please also attach a screenshot of your Devices > VST Connections window on both the Input and Output tab.

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support