Can't hear guitar when I choose "Focusrite USB ASIO" in the VST Audio System in Cubase 5

Hi there,

I recently bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to use in Cubase 5 on my PC. I wanted to be able to connect my guitar to the 2i2 and be able to record myself playing in the DAW however I’m having issues with the VST Audio System in Cubase.
I have my 2i2 and guitar set up perfectly and I open Cubase 5 and create a new audio track. I click the speaker icon on the audio track so that I can actually hear myself play.
I click on Devices -> Device Setup -> VST Audio System and choose Focusrite USB ASIO from the drop down menu.

I try to play my guitar but I hear nothing in my speakers or headphones. However the audio track does seem to be able to pick up the signal from my guitar as the blue bar on the audio track goes up and down when I try to play my guitar. Also the green circle on the 2i2 flashes when I strum a chord so there’s no issue with the 2i2 picking up the guitar’s signal.
If I go back into the VST Audio System and choose “Generic Low Latency Driver” all of a sudden I can actually hear my guitar albeit the signal is poor quality and quiet. And there’s a lot of latency.

Also here’s a video of the VST Connections tab where I show the inputs and output:

I’m just wondering could someone kindly help me with the issue? I don’t understand why I can’t hear the guitar when I choose “Focusrite USB ASIO” from the dropdown menu in the VST Audio System.

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Where are your speakers connected?

At the back of the PC. I connect the green coloured input from the speaker to the green coloured hole at the back of the PC.

When I select Focusrite USB ASIO in the VST Audio System drop down menu no signal is detected from my guitar at all in the audio track that I’ve created in my project. However when I choose Generic Low Latency Driver both the signal is detected and also I can hear my guitar from my PC speakers.

Recently I downloaded the ASIO4ALL driver to see if this would fix anything. Here is a screenshot of my settings with the ASIO4ALL driver in Cubase:

I still cannot get either a signal from the guitar or sound from my speakers or headphones.

There ˋs your problem. See manual for on how to correctly set up your system.

I don’t think so. Why would connecting the green end of the speaker cable to the green hole on the I/O panel be the problem? That’s how I’ve connected the speakers to my PCs for years. The speakers work perfectly when connected to that particular port on the I/O panel when watching films, playing games etc. Where else would I connect them?

Have you looked at the screenshot that I’ve attached and whether you can see if I’ve done something incorrectly?

You must know…

That is what is explained in the manual.

No, i know what you are doin incorrectly. And I donˋt know ASIO4all