Can't hear Halion Sonic SE on my track

I installed Element y’day. I can’t hear any of the sounds from Sonic on my track.

Also I only have Groove Agent, Halion and Prologue in my Media window - is that right?

Is that all there is from the 15gb of stuff that I downloaded?

PS can only post links to images as I keep getting “It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image. Please verify that the URL you entered is correct.” error when I try to submit the post.

is the preset loaded? I never use this instrument but isn’t it normal to see the preset name next to the 1 to have it loaded? to see what is unlocked in the Elements vs other versions

No the preset is not loaded.
@OP: there is a desicated manual fodr Halion Sonic SE - start there for the very basics like this.
There ia also a VST instruments and FX manual, which also illustrazes, which Instrumen is part of which Cubase editioin.