Can't hear loops and samples

Hello, new to using this program.

I cannot hear any loops and samples either in the preview pane or while I’m playing back the track. I can hear audio that I have recorded with microphone and guitar but not the loops and samples. If I export the audio track I can hear the loop on the midi file just not in editing.

Using Cubase LE AI Elements 10 with a UR22 mkii.
Thanks for any help.

What kind of track is the one with the samples and/or loops loaded?

I believe it’s adding it as an instrument track. The bar on the mixer for the track isn’t moving at all when I play the track. I also cannot hear the samples in the preview pane.

I also seem to be getting constant “some audio files are missing” errors now for HALion Sonic SE.

What is a “preview pane”? Cubase or Halion manual does not know the term. It would be good to use exact terms so that it can be easier to get oneself oriented and instruct you… How do you load the samples/loops? You load VST presets from within HALion?

I’m sorry but I don’t know the correct term. Inside of Cubase on the right side of the screen there are two tabs “VSTi” and “Media”.

I believe the media tab normally lets you preview playback of samples you are adding to your track but there is no sound when I try it.
There is also no audio output once I have added the sample to the track even though it’s there when I export the file.

I load the samples by dragging and dropping them from the media sample into the track section.

I ended up uninstalling HALion because of the other error.