Can't hear metronome during recording

In Cubase 8.5
In « Use click » section of the metronome setup window : I ticked « in Precount » and « In record ».

When I’m recording, I hear the metronome in precount but not during recording.
I tried ticking « In play » too… can’t hear metronome during playback.

The « Activate metronome click » button is activated in Control Room (that’s why I hear metronome in precount).

It’s been a while since I use metronome but I remember that all was fine in Cubase 8.

Any ideas ?


So you use Control Room, right? And the Sound of the Metronome is routed to your Monitor 1 bus, right? Do you use Audio click, right?

Yes I use Control room.
Yes I use Audio click.
Euh… how can I route metronome ?

You can not explicitly route, you must activate, what as you said yourself you have done, otherwise you´d not hear it at all.


Could you send some screenshots, please? Maybe, we will see something…

Here is the screen shot

Got it

Precount click was activated but not metronome click (rounded green in picture) :blush:


This “metronome click” is dedicated button. You can switch it On and Off on the fly. Use c KeyCommand to switch it On and Off.

Thank’s Martin !