Can't hear microphone on Ableton

Hi everyone,

I’m kind of beginning with using Ableton - I watched tons of tutorials online including the official Ableton ones on “how to set up audio interface”, etc…

What I’m trying to do is simply record vocals, my set up is the following:

Mac–> steinberg ur22mkII --> 2mr5mk3 monitors
–> jack to female xlr --> microphone Røde NT1-A

Phantom power is on, the Steinberg is well selected as an audio output/input in Mac system preferences as well as on Ableton. Though the only sound I’m able ton record seem to be the one coming from the computer. My microphone doesn’t seem to work and/or react to any sound.

Anyone has an idea about something I may have forgotten? Sorry if this seem like a very beginner question, I tried watching more tutorials but I can’t solve the issue…

Thanks a lot in advance for your help, B

I’m not 100% sure about this but I have a problem with one particular mic which also uses a jack->XLR connection so this might be an issue. All XLR->XLR mics work fine for me and I’m even unsure if the forementioned mic works at all.

For regular scenario you should indeed choose the UR22 in system and Ableton prefs like you did but also for eg. put the mic line in input 1 on the UR22 then select a track in Ableton and choose input EXT. 1 and set monitor auto/on to hear it. Maybe check your masterchannel for Master Out set to the proper lines for your MK3 monitors as well (or set Cue to proper line out to headphones to doublecheck). Hope this helps!