Cant hear my guitar

Hi! Newbie alert!

I’m using UR 22, Cubase LE Ai 6, EZ Drummer and Window Vista, sp 2.

I’m mainly recording from analouge sources like electric guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals.

So far I’m not able to hear what I’m recording (so far only tried guitars). I can hear a drum track using EZ drummer but I can’t hear any tracks using my guitar. Can’t figure out whats wrong? Wrong bus? Wrong input/output? Wrongly attached speakers/headphones? Etc, etc… I’ve hooked up a couple of earphones into the headphone jacket in the UR 22 (dont wanna use speakers really). I do hear EZ drummer nice and clear but i cant hear my recorded audio tracks. Do I need to have speakers in Line Output (UR 22) or is it okay to just leave them empty?

I’ve followed instructions from manuals and websites but so far no good… I could once hear my recorded audio track (a guitar track) but then I had both earphones and speakers hooked up at the same time. I think I heared my guitar live through the headphones but listened to the recorded playback through the speakers, or something stupid like that… But then I didnt save any set-ups and now I dont remember how I even got there from all messing around with the technical stuff. UR 22 and Cubase makes my head spin… :confused:

Appreciate any help!

I got it to work. Can hear all my recordings incl. drums, guitars, etc. Think I didnt turn up my volume in UR 22 or something else with the busses…