Cant hear my headphone using the program

i’m using cubase 12 with my headphones plugged in to the computer (without sound card) and i still hear from the computer’s speakers.
what can be the problem and how can i solve it?
i have dell inspirion with the last newest driver

Launch “ASIO Generic Lower Latency Driver Setup” then configure it properly.

I would recommend installing ASIO4All, it helps you work at lower latencies. It’s buggy with some hardware, so you have to try it yourself. If it doesn’t work then there were other alternatives (I never tried any).

According to my experience, ASIO Generic Lower Latency Driver is also buggy with some audio devices. If it’s the case then you need ASIO4All inevitably, or buy an audio interface that supports ASIO directly (some such as Behringer U-phoria does not, and you still need ASIO4All).