cant hear my own digital piano sounds

Can you tell me how I can get to hear and record my Roland piano sounds in Cubase 8 Elements. If I play the keyboard with local setting to off in my menu the Roland HP508 can play VST instruments and midi but I want to hear the internal sounds on my Roland. At the moment I dont have a audio interface like the UR22 and am using just my computers soundcard with ASIO drivers. I’ve checked Device manager and its all setup for my sound blaster card.
I’d be grateful for any help in the matter.


Hi, maybe the following helps:

  1. Is the Roland HP508 selected as target (midi out) on a midi track? (if not, the midi signals will not reach the Instrument)
  2. Is the Little Brown “Monitor” button pressed on that midi channel? (it has to)
  3. Is “midi trough” enabled in the Programm Settings dialogue?

And: You want “to hear” the piano. Do you mean “hear through cubase”? In that case you have to connect the Audio out of your piano to your soundblaster-inputs and set up an Audio track in cubase with correct Inputs and Outputs. (you have to set this up anyways to allow audio-recording of the piano Sound)

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is there a way of recording the external digital piano sounds that are editable ( as MIDI or instrument) not as audio. As the in built VST piano sounds provided by cubase are not as good as our own digital piano sounds

I have the same problem.


If your digital piano has midi in and out then yes you can record midi and play it back to the piano.