Can't hear other tracks in sample editor

While working and monitoring in the sample editor, no audio from other tracks or click is present. Only the opened audio is playing, no matter if the solo button is activated or not. A monitor bus is created in the control room and I can hear all the tracks while in the proyect window.

What’s going on? Didn’t have this problem on previous versions of Cubase. It’s very limiting to edit audio files without the reference and feedback of the ther tracks. Please help!


Cubase 6.5
AMD Phenom 8650. Triple-Core processor, 2.30 GHz, 3 GB RAM.
E-MU 1616m

(Edit: Sorry Postmusic, gave you the wrong answer. Just do what Martin (the next poster) says. :smiley:)


There is “S” button in the editor. You can find it on left side (in the top line, where you can find all tools). This button switches between Solo editor only (this button is on, and light), and hearing all tracks. This is it. :wink:

Thanks Martin,

But as I stated previously, this happens “no matter if the solo button is activated or not.”
that is the strange thing. I know you have to use that specific sample editor’s solo button to solo or un-solo there, but when the button is not active, thus not in solo mode here, still the other tracks are not audible.

Running out of processing resources?


Sorry, I thought, you mean the track solo button.

Did you try to tresh preferences?

How do you start the playback, when in the sample editor?
Does it also happen, when in the project window, switching to sample editor while the project is playing?
Try what el-russo had suggested before he edited his answer
Preferences->Transport->Playback toggle triggers local preview

Thanks a lot thinkingcap!
It was the playback toggle triggers local preview, was on.