Can't hear plugins while in recording mode


I am recording my guitar with my kemper. The kemper is routed to my RME (AN5/6).
In cubase I have monitoring on and I only hear kemper original sound. But I cannot hear any of my plugins in my audio chanel in cubase. Only after I have recorded the guitar and I disable monitoring I can hear the plugins.

Please, see attached picture for more info

Obviously , you monitor the input (source)not the signal post insert.
Create a group (with the fx you want) and feed it with your input channel.
Doing so you can monitor the source earing the fx at the same time.
Cheers !

Or put the plugins on the Input channel, then they will get recorded as well.

You could just turn off ASIO direct monitoring. But expect the latency to go up if you’re monitoring via the DAW instead of direct.