can't hear preview for plug in

I’m trying to apply a compressor to an audio clip, and for some reason I dont hear any sound when I click preview. The levels are changing, but no sound. I have to apply the effect, then listen to the channel in order to hear it. Any idea why this might be happening?

Preview? Are you applying effects in offline mode or something?

Idk anything about offline processing because I only have Artist, but it sounds familiar.

I dont know anything about offline mode or how I’d turn it on or off. But yeah, I just click on the audio file, and then go to audio >plugins> >dynamics>compressor to apply it. But when the I press preview I dont hear anything.

Why don’t you click on your track, look over to the left, and click the inserts tab? Add a compressor and no need to preview.

I think you have to enable the Control Room (F4) and set the correct output(s) on the Monitor 1 bus.

well If I just put it in as an insert it’ll affect the whole track right? What if i only wanted to apply the compressor to a certain part?

Do you know how to open the control room on a mac? f4 doesn’t do it on mine.

You could always automate the compressor on and off. Use the ‘bypass’ parameter.

Or get the settings right with the insert and duplicate it offline later.

ok, I got it figured out. I had to set up the studio tab under VST connections. Strange, I guess I still dont completely understand how all the connections work. I thought setting the output under the output tab would be the obvious way to set up, but now those are disconnected and hooked up under the studio tab. Anyway, I got it working, thanks for the tips.