Can't Hear Some Instruments Ouput in Cubase 12

I just updated computers (new Windows 10 PC), installed Cubase 12 and went to load one of my sessions from my previous system. Weirdly about half the instruments don’t play. When I look at an instrument VST (Kontakt for example) I see the MIDI being triggered and the output meter within Kontakt lighting up. But that output doesn’t reach Cubase for some reason. If I create a new instrument track, I’m able to load and hear the same patch no problem.
MIDI is working. Sound settings match Cubase. Memory isn’t an issue. I tried changing routing settings to see if that did anything, but didn’t.

Appreciate the help!

Make sure that the Audio Output setting internal to Kontakt matches the output Cubase is using.

Thanks. Ruled that out as the problem. Someone mentioned they’d had this problem as well. Just a 12 glitch I guess