Can't hear the first 2 beats on all tracks

I’m using Cubase 12.

Like shown at the pic, the red rectangle not heard.
Please help.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It’s recommended to keep the first 1 or 2 bars empty.

@Martin.Jirsak huh? Why? For what reason?

Thanks Martin.
What is the easiest way to add 2 bars at the beginning of the project?

SHIFT+S (project configuration).
Add the number you want (sorry, the image is in italian)

Got it, done it, but no efect!
The problem still remains the same.

See if there is no midi velocity cc1 cc11 or cc7 at zero or very low

Freudon, no, I checked this.


Set the L and R locators to bars 1 and 2. And choose the Insert Silence option from the Edit > Range.


To let Cubase to init everything properly.

Thanks Matin, but this neither solve the issue.

My Cubase has no problem reading MIDI notes that start on first Bar, this shouldn’t be of any issue. It’s the same as placing the Cursor at let’s say, bar 25, and hitting Play, it just starts reading data from here.

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What is the instrument the midi parts triggering? Also do you have any plugins inserted to the instrument chain?

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Also a blind shot but try turning off the asio guard in the audio setup and see if it changes anything.

@TakashiWatanabe - You are leading me to resolution. It’s Neo Piano. When i switch to other instrument, the problem dissapears!
Now, I have to find what is wrong with the Neo…

Besides, try turning off asio guard and try it again anyways.
If it resolve, disable asio guard individually on the plug-in manager.

@Martin.Jirsak Still having trouble comprehending this. Surely Cubase after 20 years + development can play the first bar, no matter how many VSTs? Where is this stated in the documentation? Sorry, I don’t get it at all. How many people have this issue?

Who is recommending or where is that documented?
Never had an issue starting a project on the first bar in 30+ years.

Again, where is this documented?

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