Can't hear voice when recording, although playback volume is way too loud

Hope this makes sense. When I record vocals I can’t hear my voice sufficiently in the mix to be able to sing accurately, even though afterwards the recorded volume is fine and the playback volume is way too loud compared to everything else. I’m a real amateur, but I can’t figure out how to set these levels.

I’m using presonus 24c interface and an AKG 220 condenser mic. The issue is that the actual recording ends up at the right level, but I don’t get enough vocal sound through the headphones to be able to sing accurately, yet when it’s played back afterwards, the vocal level is way higher than everything else. Like I say, I’m very new and have tried searching.

How do you monitor your voice?

I was using the knob. I didn’t realise that was what the button was for. Thank you. I tend to think I’m reasonably intelligent, but sometimes the evidence is weak to say the least. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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