Can't hear what I'm recording

I’m in Cubase 4, and I haven’t recorded real vocals or anything since I got it. I’ve just been recording scratch vocals to get ideas and to see how my songs are doing, so I know if what I wrote, or the arrangements that I have are working. But I can’t hear my input while recording. I’m just using the built in audio and my Macbook Pro’s built in microphone and my songs play back fine going through the computer’s speakers. No other devices connected right now. I’m sure it’s an easy setting but I can’t find it. Now it’s not a big deal but once I start to record my actual vocals I will definitely need to be hearing what I’m recording.

Also, another problem I’m having, which could be related, is that when I click on the Control Room Mixer, it says “The control room is disabled!” Could you tell me how I can enable it? Thanks in advance for any help.

Try prefixing your posts as “mac” for the benefit of mac users and to obtain more direct assistance.

silly question but are you activating the monitor button on the track while recording ?

Thanks for the suggestion about prefixing with Mac. I really need this board right now.

Clicked it. Yeah that was all it was. I really hate manuals. I was just so happy to update from the original Cubase 4 (remember that one?) that I never got around to really learning it like I should. I’ve been able to do a lot of arranging and mixing so I just kept putting it off.

Thanks for your help.