Can't hide rest despite "End voice"

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a project (see attachment. Sorry, I haven’t even started the layout, so it’s pretty ugly), and I can’t seem to get rid of a few rests.

I have been using the function “End voice”/“Start voice” very often for hiding unnecessary rests in multiple-voice contexts. But in this case, it seems to just not work. I am using the Down-Stem Voice 2 in the beginning of the movement (Kyrie) and at the end. And despite ending the voice after the first section (Organ, lower staff, bar 9), Dorico won’t let me flip the “Start voice”-switch when I need it again at the end (bar 58, d), and thus, there is a whole lot of (non-explicit) rests between the two sections that I can’t hide.

The only unsatisfactory fix I’ve found is click on the first of these whole-bar rests (bar 13) and click again on “end voice here”: this hides all rests except for the first one.

Could you help me with that?

Thank you very much!

MissaCumOrgano.dorico (2.0 MB)

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Selecting any spurious rests and simply using the ‘remove rest’ command takes care of all of them.

[edit: whoops, you already said this part] Also, clicking on the first downstem voice 2 bar rest and selecting the “ends voice” property removes a whole swath of subsequent rests, leaving only the first rest (which can then be removed by using step #1).

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Ah thanks! I didn’t know this “remove rest” function!

and FWIW, I use remove rests so much I assigned it the jump bar alias of ‘rr’ so:
select rests > j-rr and your done!

(like the mass setting, by the way)

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I have assigned cmd-r to Remove rests, as it is really super helpful…

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It’s F3 for me (the 3rd random keystroke I assigned to a command in my first days with Dorico)!

Also note that it works only on the rests and leaves everything else untouched, so you can select a whole passage and hide just the rests in one go.

Isn’t F3 the default shortcut for toggling the mixer?

Could be; if so I decided I didn’t need a key for that. (I almost didn’t mention it.)