Can't import Audio, everything else seems to work though

Just bought and installed my copy of Cubase 9 (essentials, the 99€ thing)
and everything seemed just fine on the get-go
I can record audios, listen to them and so on

Then I tried to import a simple mp3, however, nothing was imported

like, there was a “ghost” track of it, but that was it
and it didnt matter how I imported the (or any other) audio
mp3, wave, converting rate, always a ghost track

made a screen for you guys, would be super happy to solve this problem :slight_smile:

tried to use the support button on the official cubase site, but the only tickets I could submit were something with “nuendo” and about ordering or stuff?
nvm. mmm maybe someone knows what to do?

Couple of things to check.
Audio should import to cursor position so make sure this is in view when importing.
Zoom in to the timeline further. It looks like you may have a very short event there. See if you can grab the right edge and extend it.

Its a 4 minite song, and I tried all kinds of audios yet I always get half a second of nothing
Some kind of empty event that cant be edited
I was using cubase 4 before, so I did try a few things
Somehow this is also the only thing not functioning for whatever reason

Have you tried different ways to import audio? Drag and drop from media bay and/or from the sample editor? Or from the pool window? Curious to see if this results in the same behavior?

Also make sure you only have ‘Copy file to working directory’ checked in the dialog box before importing.

Everything besides the pool thing, what was the hotkey again? But it should work by drag and drop, anything else would be increasingly annoying over time

Nothing else was checked in, will send more screens later, @ work till midnight

Yes it may be annoying in the long term, but let’s try and get something/anything to work and it may suggest what the problem is with the other ways.

Is it the same if you use file menu, import audio?
After you browse and select a file from that menu do you see any import options dialogue or does it import with no further dialogue?

ok so it seems all and any mp3 data from my computer can not be used
I can however use the sounds that came with cubase like this small drum sound here
Made a screen of all of it

I’m pretty sure all I hav eto do is find that one annoying hidden box that needs to be checked in as there is not a single error message anywhere to be found (yet I can not import, drag or whatever audio data)

the songs are listed as “0 seconds” in the pool, work just fine with any other programm but cubase though (and have their normal lenght shown there, for example 4 minites)

also, somehow no videos (youtube, even porn sites) can be played as long as I have cubase opened in google chrome

in firefox I can play them, but will hear no sound from most videos, some will however play their music on my headphones
(focusrite 2i2 bundle)

edit: can also not play music from my computer on the windows media player as long as cubase is opened

  1. If you can import via the file menu it might have something to do with access rights that prevents you from using drag and drop in Cubase. Try to start Cubase as administrator and see if you can drag and drop files now?

  2. You can also try to set UAC to ‘Never Notify’.

  3. This is not permanent but you can try this and see if it works:

-start command (cmd.exe) line ‘as administrator’.
-type: taskkill /im explorer.exe
-then type: explorer.exe

Start Cubase and see if drag and drop works.

Turns out my whole harddrive was corrupted and the music while functioning with media player, was not usable anyway else
After re importing from one of my cds, the music worked in cubase with drag and drop

Also I can only listen to stuff in cubase when cubase is set to the default sounddriver “asio low latency” if I want to have cubasee open while listening to music with a different programm, I must switch drivers, (dunnow hat its called, is driver correct? Focusrite in my case)

So yeah, all poblems solved, sry for the trouble, didnt expect such strange bugs from a harddrive that was only 1 year old

Will switch to sdd as soon as I can afford it

Good to hear the issue is solved. Be aware that the state of your disk can get worst to the point it will be unreadable so make a backup asap!

About the Focusrite…make sure you install the asio driver for this device and use this in Cubase. This will be the best for high quality and low latency operation. You can use the normal wdm driver of your internal sound card to listen to windows audio. Unfortunately You can’t use the Focusrite device for for both simultaniously.

Got my new hard drive, sdd this time, and drivers are all set up and good to go :slight_smile:

Thx alot