Can't import audio files into mediabay

  1. Description
    (Provide a detailed description and list the step by step process to reproduce the issue to help the team to understand and reproduce the problem)
    Although I follow the manual I can’t import any files into mediabay . I open the files folder , search for the files and even through icloud or Dropbox or files folder can’t select any file . They seem like a diferent type of archive
    : diffused and unclickable.

  2. Expected Results
    (Describe what you expected to see)
    Selected files into the mediabay list ready to import into a project

  3. Actual Results
    (Describe what you actually saw)
    I cannot click in the file to import and just have some kind of success exporting them one by one through my Dropbox app into Cubasis

  4. Environment
    (Count the hardware and software including version numbers being used)
    iPad mini 2 iOS 12.4.8
    Cubasis 2.8.3 64 bit

Hi Jaimusico,

Are you able to provide us with a short video, that visualises the problem?
If so, please upload the clip via Dropbox or similar and let me have the download link via private message.

In addition, could the problem be related to unsupported audio files?


Hi LSlowak,

I can record a video but what you’re gonna see its the iPad not recognizing ogg files, so when you try to import them through dropbox, iTunes, Apple Music on Catalina or Files, the files doesn’t appear “clickable”, so I don’t know what can I do to import them Cubasis into mediabay. If an audio file type is not the supported by iOS.

Hi Jaimusico,

Please refer to my private message:
Please provide us with the OGG files which fail to load, to allow our engineers having a look.



Hi Jaimusico,

Thanks for sending the files.

The OGG files load and import fine with Cubasis, when being imported directly to Cubasis (not using the Apple Files App).
However, Apples’ Files App seem not to support the file format or similar.

Please await the feedback from our engineering.


While I’m waiting, how did you import and load the files directly to Cubasis?

Hi Jaimusico,

It looks like that the Apple Files App does not “know” the OGG file format, which is unrelated to Cubasis.
Please give it a try to search the OGG file in the Files app and choose share, to open the file with Cubasis.

Hope that helps.