Can't Import CD

I’m having a problem importing a CD into 5.5.3. I searched some previous post’s on this and checked the knowledge base but nothing has worked. When I select “Import Audio CD" from the Media menu the dialog box does not show any tracks to choose to import. I can see the CD/DVD device at the top but that’s it. There is a knowledge-base article regarding and states that the "wnaspi.dll file should be in the window\system32 directory. I downloaded it from the link provided and that copied it over but didn’t work. I read somewhere else that this file should be in the windows\syswow64 directory if you are on Win 7x64 which I am. That didn’t work either. Activating the “Secure Mode” option has no change. I can’t confirm whether this worked prior to the 5.5.3 upgrade. I upgraded from 5.5.0-2. I do have 5.1 running on my other partition with XP and it works there. I have an otherwise stable system not connected to the internet so I’m reticent start updating the BIOS and Chipset. Thought I’d check here first. Is there anything else I’m possibly missing?
CB 5.5.3 x32 - Win 7x64 SP1

If you do the drop down menu at the bottom for “file type” (I’m away currently, not sure of the wording) and choose “any/all” does anything appear in the list?

I’m away currently too. I’ll check when I get back. Thank you.

I wasn’t sure when I posted earlier but that’s not an option. Basically when you open the dialog box the tracks should show.

OK, btw, just to be sure - you are doing “Import Audio CD”, not Audio Track, or whatever those other options are, right?

Yes, that is correct. I follow the same steps in 5.1 and XP and it works. Thanks.

OK, sorry I can’t help … someone smarter will be along soon, hopefully you can get this sorted out without having to re-install, etc.

I was trying not to have to reinstall but I’ve noticed some quirks after the upgrade that no one else seem to be having. That might be the next step. Thanks for trying.

Looking for a solution on this item or a related thread. I’m using CS 5.5.3 under Win7 x64 and having same import issue. As a work-around I’m using other software to rip then import tracks but, this definite detracts from workflow.

So I’m not alone.