Can't import older Cubase midi file?

Hi. I upgraded my old version of Cubase to 10 LE and am unable to import my old midi files ( they appear greyed out in the list ) I have tried drag and drop but nothing happens.

How do you import older midi files or is this a limitation of LE ?


Aloha creaky,

Were the files saved as ‘.MID’ files or as Cubase files?

If saved as .MID files, try opening them in another app.

‘VLC’ is a free app and it will open .MID files.

At least that way you can start to know where the prob is.



If you’re talking about Cubase project files, older Cubase files have the extension .all or .arr
Newer ones have the extension .cpr
The last version of Cubase able to open .all files was, I think, Cubase SX3
If you have a current Cubase licence you can download and run SX3, open your old files in that and then save them as .cpr files which will open in newer Cubase versions


I have the same problem: My MIDI file is saved as a Cubase project, opening up in Cubase EL 10, but as I have upgraded to 10.5, now it won’t load up. What exactly can I do here? I appreciate your help!

Eilen Lunde