Cant Insert 5.1 Version of VST instrument Plugins in Cu12 / NU12


I am trying to built a surround 5.1 Setup. I see that inside the Vienna Ensemble Pro Surround Server there is the option to insert East West Play as 5.1 Plugin and it works correctly. I can seem to find a way to insert any VST as a 5.1 Version inside Nuendo or Cubase (it is only being inserted as a Stereo VST) Can anyone help me or this this really not supported yet ?
I could use a stereo version and open up mutiple output channels in the cubase mixer but that leads to having three individual Stereo output which is not that convenient for automation and Insert Plugin reasons… Any way to create a 5.1 VST Instrument in one 5.1 Channel in CUbase or Nuendo ?
Thanks , lokotus

Is your master output channel 5.1?

yes it is but this doesnt help. It doesnt show me any option to insert vst instruments with 5.1 or other surround output configurations…

I am looking for options similar to these found in logic, but no luck so far in nuendo/cubase 12…