Can't Insert Repeat Sign

In a woodwind quintet, I want to add a repeat sign to 2 instruments, French Horn and Bassoon. It inserted properly on the Bassoon, but wouldn’t take on the French Horn. From looking at the staves above the repeat sign, it seems the problem is that the French Horn and Clarinet are somehow connected.

You see that at the end of piece too.
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.53.14.png
How can I “unconnect” the Clarinet and French Horn, so that I can normally insert the repeat sign on the French Horn?

Okay, sometimes these things are just buggy. When I closed the project and reopened it, the strange brackets on 2 staves were gone, and the repeats on all the staves as they should be.

I think you must have been holding the Alt key down when you created these repeat barlines: when you hold Alt and click something in from the panel (or indeed when you hold Alt when hitting Return to confirm the popover), the item you create is created on a single staff only, rather than on all staves.