Can't install 64 bit version


When I first installed cubase 7 and also Retrolouge and padshop pro, I choose to install only the 32 bit versions, as I only needed that at the time.

Then, when I upgraded to 7.5, I figured it was time to move to 64 bit.
The problem now is that the updater didn’t install 64 bit versions of padshop and retrolouge. And if I try to update the instruments by using the update-installer found on the website it won’t give me the choice to install 64 bit, it only says “no changes - retrolouge 64bit is not installed”

How do I fix this and where can I get the correct installers?


I have the same issue. It wont give me an option to install padshop pro, it just asks me whether I want to re install padshop.

Padshop AND Padshop Pro already comes with Cubase. There is no need to install “Pro” separately. Meaning, Padshop and Pro are the same instrument, with the difference of the Pro features.

The license dictates what you have access to. If you own a Cubase license you can use Padshop. If you own a Padshop Pro license, that same installed Padshop will display all Pro features.

Owning, as stated above, implies that you have activated (using the eLicenser) your licenses.

thanks :slight_smile: