Can't install additional packs on installing c6


I have a strange never problem, which never happened until now:

I have just installed cubase 6 on two notebook as usual. (w7 x64; c6 32bit version)

But on one notebook, the installer quits after basic c6 installation, and not continue the standard installation process as installing groove agent, halionse etc. Just the base c6. (on other notebook it was ok as always until now)

Of courase i have tried to install theese packs individually from folders, but the result is the same.

I getting these error message all the time: (translate from non english w7)

The installer pack can’t be opened. Contact with the seller/maker of the application that it valid.

The computer is intel coree™2 duo CPU t5670 1.8Ghz.

I have never installed c6 on centrino processors, but it can’t be the problem as this is the minimum req of the c6,
BUT ! I could imagine only this, because I have installed c6 on soo many computers without this problem but this is the most lowend computer all of them.

The system is: w7 home premium x64. I have used c6 x32 install as usual.

Please help to solve this, I can’t get over it two days.

Thanks in advance,