Can't install any Cubase 5.5 updates.

Hey, so I’ve tried installing Cubase 5.5-5.5.2 and it’s not working.

I’ll click the installer and all it does is ask me if I want to install Steinberg Groove Agent ONE Vintage Beatboxes, and after that it just closes and if I try to open the installer again, it loads then automatically closes, nothing happens.

This is really frustrating me. I’m on windows 7 64-bit, and I’ve downloaded the Windows version from the website. Also this is something that might help you all in figuring out my problem, when it installs the Groove Agent ONE Beatboxes, the default path to install is C:/Program Data/Steinberg/VST Sound. I don’t even have a Program Data folder, if I’m correct Vista users do? Is something going on with compatibility here?

Please help.

You need to run as admin. You provided wrong info above re:program data.

I’ve already tried running as admin, I get the same result.

Sounds like you have hit the reinstall from fresh stage unfortunately! It happened to myself and quite a few others when 5.5 was launched… bad luck bro! :frowning:

I don’t see how my installation of Cubase has anything to do with accessing the update, which is a independent .exe file…


It has nothing to do with the exe file and everything to do with your current prefs, registry entries etc… the only cure i could find for the similar problems i had was to completely uninstall cubase and start from scratch… if you go over to the old forum you will see PLENTY of posts siting similar problems when the update was initially released… it caused some major headaches for quite a few of us!