Cant install Cubase 11

So am working on Windows 10/64, Processor Intel I9-9980XE 3.00ghZ, 64 Ram/Vengeace 3200MHz
video Radeon Vega Frontier Edition 16GB, 8tb SSD Drives.

My Cubase crashed on me as i inserted a instance of Nexus, when i try to restart it, it freezes when it start scanning ARA. Due to this, i uninstalled Cubase whit the idea to reinstall it, but then the installer crashed at half way the installation process, i finally decided to format my Pc and start from fresh, and even whit a fresh installation of Windows the Cubase installer keep on crashing.
any one out there can give a helping hand, i will truly appreciate it.


Hi and welcome on the forum,

I’m sorry, I’m not too much in the installation and not on Windows, but…

How did you install Cubase? Did you click the Install in the Steinberg Download Assistant, or did you trigger it from the File Explorer? Did you install as administrator? Where did it stop (what did you see on the screen)? Any specific component?