Can't install Cubase 5.0 CD on my laptop Windows 10

I just got a new laptop and tried to install my CD disc with Cubase 5.0 and it will not install. I’m running Windows 10 on this laptop and I’m hoping there’s a way around this because even though I own Cubase 8.5 I still use 5.0 and I need to install it on this laptop before I go to Nashville in a couple of weeks. Someone help. Thanks


Cubase 5 is not compatible with Windows 10, sorry. Why? Because Cubase 5 comes around 8 years before Win 10 and no one in Steinberg new, how will Win 10 operate in that time.

Have you tried using compatibility mode?

No, how do you do that??? Thanks

Right-click the file, selekce Properties and choose Compatibility tab. Here, set the compatibility with Win XP.

Are you still using the cracked Cubase 5?

If yes, it is about the time to buy the new one as it is much more better than Cubase 5 was.

Okay here’s what I’m trying to do. I have two versions of Cubase on both of my PCs. Both PCs have Windows 10 on them and Cubase 5.0works just fine. I am not using a crack version I’m using the actual CD that I got for install especially with Cubase 5.0. So therefore I went to take this CD Cubase 5.0 and install it in my new laptop which has Windows 10 and it wouldn’t install. So I took and copied the folder on my PC that has all the Cubase components and put it on to the flash drive and uploaded it to my laptop. I have the Steinberg E licensor and the license key everything. But Cubase 5.0 still won’t work. So I want to keep both versions. Sure I love Cubase 8.5 but I also still have projects in 5.3.3 anyway I am going to try using compatibility mode on my laptop. We’ll see what happens if anyone can help I appreciate it. Thanks John

Have you tried running the installer as Admin ?

No I have not tried running the installer as admin but I would like help I don’t know how to do this. So if you can give me some help on how to it I would appreciate that. Thanks