Can't Install Cubase 7??

Hey there,

I seem to be having a problem just trying to install Cubase 7 9been using 6 for a long time). Originally,we were running on SNow Leopard but I’ve since updated to ML 1.8.2. The install process runs fine without issue. I have already downloaded the latest Cubase patch so I choose not to download as part of the installation process. However when I try and run the update it says Cubase 7 is not installed. Also it does not appear in Applications.

Am I missing something fundamentally basic? this is a 2 year old Mac Pro 2.66 gHz, 16 GB RAM.


OK, so it appears that Cubase 7 uses a ‘Logic’ style installer where you HAVE to choose to download additional components to actually complete the installation, despite the installer reporting that the program has been installed. I chose not to because I thought it was referring to the latest update, which I had already downloaded and did not want to download again.

Guess I should’ve actually read the Read Me. Just installed previous versions of Cubase so many times that I wasn’t aware of the new system! :blush: