Can't install Cubase SL3 on Win10 - best way to open .cpr files created with SL3?

Hi guys,

I’ve just located a large archive of recordings that I created in Cubase SL3 (approx 2005-2009). I still have the CD, dongle and the serial number for SL3, but installation fails on Windows 10 (as I thought it might) - the installation process hangs at installing the stein___.ttf font. What is the best way to open these old recordings? Will the latest version of Cubase open these old .cpr files (I suspect not)? Which versions would be able to open them, or what is the best way to access them? Happy to purchase a new licence, but don’t know which one I will need… Any advice much appreciated.


Hi Tim
Are they Cpr files or ALL files ? If they are Cpr files you should be able to open them with C11 elements

They’re cpr files - I’ll give the Cubase 11 Elements trial a go. Thanks!

04.17.2023 windows 10, cannot get sl3 to run and updates will not run either. What is my best alternative? I have years of those old …ALL files that need changed over.

It does run on Windows 10 and 11.

Why isn’t it working? Do you have a license?

I have both the sl3 license and the pro 8.5 license. Will start once activated then freezes at
Initializing MPG1 Layer 3 (Fraunhofer)

You should create a new topic to troubleshoot this. And if you can find crash files upload them.

They can be found at %userprofile%\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps (paste the file path into the Windows Run Dialog)