Can't install Cubase via the download assistant

Hi, new puter, downloaded the assistant to install Cubase and I’m getting…the download directory for Cubase pro 11 could not be found please select another directory…EH!!, I’m stumped, anyone know what I’m doing wrong please? I thought the download assistant was supposed to make life easier…tried opening the folder but it says the instalation package can’t be found, it seems to have downloaded it but then cannot find it…in the download assistant it says…install again…so it thinks it’s installed…
cheers, Kevin

well, then select another directory … :slight_smile:

Another directory…where? sorry to be a bit thick…the download assistant thinks it’s installed, i don’t think I have another directory where cubase is, where would it be?

try this to see where Cubase is.

Downloaded it but have no idea what to do with it, thanks for taking time out to help mate but this seems a bit crazy, why doesn’t the steinberg manager thing just install cubase?

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you don’t want to install cubes? you want to know why the manager doesn’t work. this issue is secondary. so launch the installer directly.

I did but I get…an installer package for the product steinberg library manager cannot be found, try the installation again using a valid copy of the instalation package Steinberg cubase 11…I don’t seem to be able to get a valid copy, everytime I download I get the same thing//pulling my hair out now…LOL

do you have the stick inserted in the usb?

If you mean the dongle, yes of course…

do what it says here:
<>Installation and activation
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product at
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Go to to download the most recent drivers
for all Steinberg hardware from the respective download page</>

I’ve just downloaded the installer from the support page and it will not install…getting the same message regarding the installation package can’t be found…this is mad!!

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maybe is from your computer …

sorry my friend I’m not sure what you meant in your last message…

is about your computer operating system , about your windows o.s.

Unlikely, very powerful brand new puter, everything else downloaded and installed no problem…studio one installed without issue, so did Harrison mixbus

I;m downloading the cubase installer and it will not install…strange…

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