Cant install elements 9,5 , the installer keeps installing the trial version.

Hello, :slight_smile:

I have a problem with my purchase of cubase elements 9,5.
I used the trial version for a month, after that, I decided to buy the software from a local music store.
So I unstalled the trial version and I tried to download the regular version via started and by entering
my download access code that came with the box.

When the download is finished I get a notification that my trial has expired and the program closes.
It seems that my computer somehow automatically still is activating the trial version even though I have a new download access
code for the full program.

Please, help :slight_smile: How do i fix this and install the program?

Michael from Rotterdam the Netherlands :slight_smile:


Cubase Elements Trial and Cubase Elements (Retail) is the same executable. So it wasn’t necessary to uninstall it.

To the point that you can’t start it… You said, you got an Download Access Code, but it seems you didn’t activate your Cubase Elements. Use the Download Access Code in your MySteinberg account to get an Activation Code. In the eLicenser Control Centre Enter the Activation code and activate your Cubase Elements. Done.

AH, it is the same file. That was not clear to me. Ok I will try this! Thanks you !