Can't install HALion 4.x trial

Hi there,

I have a MacBook Pro with OS X Lion and I have Cubase 6 elements installed.

I downloaded and installed HALion 4.x trial but I can’t get it to work.

The installation went well and I received my Activation Code by email.

I have eLicenser Control Center open and when I enter the Activation Code I can see that HALion is detected.

When I click “next” (“continuer” in french) they say that I don’t have anything connected to my computer.

Do I need the dongle to try HALion ? There’s no dongle with Elements.

Someone knows a way around that ? Is there anything I’m doing wrong ?

Thanks for your help.


You do need the dongle unfortunately, without it, you can’t use 99% of Steinbergs products.

Thank you for your answer. I must say that’s not something very fun to know.