Hey All!!

I bought LE10 as a voucher offer
from Steinberg, as I want this on my laptop to rehearse. My Main PC has Cubase elements 10. Years ago I had LE4, which is listed under my products with an activation code. The issue is, the Le10 upgrade im guessing is dependant on LE4 being installed on the laptop, which it is not. When I open LE10 and put in the activation code, I get “no licence available, which can be upgrade by your upgrade licence. please connect a usb licenser which holds the appropriate licence”… I have never used a usb. Im guessing I need to get LE4 activated, which would then allow LE10 to work. Any ideas??? All the activation codes for LE4 will not work as they have been previously activated… Grrrrrrrr

Any Ideas??

Do a reactivation from the website. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to go through tech support.