can't install N7 because i can't find the downloads

Hi all,
I own N7, Wavelab Pro 9, Cubease Pro 8.5. I recently had to reinstall windows and can only find the full install files for Cubase. For Nuendo 7 and Wavelab pro 9 I cannot find the full install files either on the Steinberg support/downloads page nor in “My Steinberg” store downloads. I have emailed Steinberg but no response. Am I just looking in the wrong places? Maybe someone could point me in the right direction …
I was able to get Cubase installed up to the latest version but not Nuendo 7 or Wavelab 9.
I am pretty sure they used to sho up in the “My Steinberg” Shop downloads but now I don’t see them.
I cannot seem to find an actual phone support number in the US, I have filled out a ticket on the “My Steinberg” site but
that has not gotten a reply.


also I tried to log into the store to see if i could purchase anything and it did not remember me. I have always
purchased my items through there (the steinberg site itself still logs me in)

ok i think i got it, i have three eLicencers and one of them was unregistered somehow. I registered it in eLicenser control center and it updated my downloads page, thanks all