Can't install on Yosemite ?


I was using a Macbook with Halion 5 and Yosemite without no issues.

I’ve just changed my old hd to a ssd and now when i try to install Halion, it says i need ‘at least OSX 10.6’…

I see Halion is not yet compatible with Yosemite, but HOW i could use it before on Yosemite ?

I have tons of tracks that uses Halion and Halion Sonic, what workaround can i use to install it on my computer ?


Steinberg has a tool for installing on Yosemite - maybe this will help you:

Just tried it.
The Steinberg Yosemite Installer tool works for installing the Halion4 DVDs - but not the downloaded Halion5 update.

Same problem here…weird

I install the tool for installing, but when asked for 2nd DVD it wouldn’t eject. I had to click cancel and insert the 2nd DVD to continue installing. When are we getting an update, steinberg should’ve Fix this by now.