Can't install or upgrade to 9.5(OSX.13)

First, the download assistant didn’t work for me. After typing my pwd, nothing happens.
I had to use my OSX.12 laptop to download the update/full installer. I copied the files to my workstation and tried to install. The installer stalls after some activity at ‘one minute to go…’
I’ve tried a couple of times, both the upgrade and full install, left the installer alone for the night, but it just doesn’t work.
Cubase Pro 9.0.3 works fine.

Did somebody else with OSX.13(High Sierra) succeed in installing 9.5?

It surely drains time at the final minute. Typical for all Cubase installers on macOS in at least the last 8 years.
I suggest you to do something else for an hour when the installer prompts the final minute.

Yes, I installed it on my macs (all with High Sierra) without any problem.
The download assistant worked properly, too

Weird. As I said, I left it alone at the ‘one minute left’ screen all night(8 hours) but it just stalls and the installer doesn’t finish. I checked, no 9.5 to be found.

What can the matter be? Am I really the only one with this problem?

Fixed by upgrading to OSX.13.1. Now I get a coremidi error, though.

Installed C9.5 over OSX 10.13.1.
Everything went smooth.
Nice Update!

hi I’m having issues installing cubase pro 9.5 on MacBook Pro v10.14.5 from the Steinberg download installer. after 4 attempts of redownloading and failing. im thinking of returning this new laptop back to switch back to windows. any help is welcomed please. is this a constant problem for Mac users.