Can't install SpectraLayers One 7, prompted to install eLicencer control center first

As the title says. Latest version of eLicencer control center is installed and all other licenses are working. Any ideas?

@svala The installer check that the following file exist: C:\Program Files (x86)\eLicenser\POS\SYNSOPOS.exe
Can you see it on your computer ?

Yes, I can.

Try running the installer as administrator, by right-clicking it, “Run as administrator”.

No difference. By the way, my OS is installed on E:, could this mess things up?

Yes it could - that’s why I asked if the Synsopos file was installed in the exact path I mentioned, starting with C:. Is it in C:\Program Files (x86)… or E:\Program Files (x86)… ?

I thought you asked about the file’s existence, not my drive letter. My bad. I have reinstalled Windows (on C:) along with Cubase and SpectraLayers now, and it works. Thanks for your help!

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