Can't install TOOLS for UR-C :(

Well, I was very excited to try out my shiny new UR-22C that I picked up yesterday, but everything has fallen apart at Step 1. :frowning:

I am trying to install TOOLS for UR-C (as per the manual) on my MacBook Pro (Mojave 10.14.6) but the installer throws the following error immediately:

The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -1.)

Looking at the logs for the Mac Installer, I find the following:

Nov 4 19:32:18 Orion Installer[1606]: PFPackage::packageWithURL - can’t instantiate package: /Users/***/Downloads/TOOLS_for_URC_V101_Mac 2/TOOLS for UR-C V1.0.1.pkg
Nov 4 19:32:18 Orion Installer[1606]: Invalid Distribution File/Package

I also tried to manually expand the .pkg from the command line, but I ran into the following problem:

~ $ pkgutil --expand ~/Downloads/TOOLS_for_URC_V101_Mac\ 2/TOOLS\ for\ UR-C\ V1.0.1.pkg ~/Downloads/tmp/
Problem extracting file from package: /Users/damonjmurray/Downloads/tmp//YamahaSteinbergUSBMIDIIcon.pkg/Payload

I’m stumped at this point and have no idea what to do. I’ve tried re-downloading the installer multiple times, restarting the machine, etc… Feels like I just gave away a heap of money and all I got in return was a useless brick. :frowning:

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, have tried downloading and installing on a completely different MacBook and experiencing the exact same issue. I’ve been trying to get in touch with the AU support contact but no response as yet…

Thank you for your purchase! I am sorry to hear about the issues downloading and installing the TOOLS for UR-C. While I wasn’t able to reproduce this here or at home, let’s try a slightly different file (.pkg instead of .zip):

Also, please note that today, we have released a new Yamaha Steinberg USB driver V2.0.2. It should be installed if the TOOLS installation could be completed successfully now. You can find it on this page: