Can't load content (blank screen) in HALion Sonic SE 3

Like others who’ve posted, I downloaded Halion Sonic SE 3 in order to run the Baltic Shimmers library. First, why is the installation process for Steinberg software so cumbersome and clunky? Why can’t Steinberg do better?

Anyway, my main issue is that when I click the Load Content Set button, I get a mostly-blank screen that doesn’t show the loaded libraries. This occurs in both the standalone and plug-in versions.

I’m running macOS Big Sur 11.4, and I downloaded Halion Sonic SE 3 today (v3.4.30).

What the heck is going on here?

Hast du denn den Content auch runter geladen? Oder nur Halion Sonic SE?

I’ve downloaded the content.

Hi there,

Yes, I have a similar issue with Baltic Shimmers. I cant load it into the left hand slots in Halion Sonic SE3 to make the GUI visible. The files are there but no GUI. Can we please have some tips???


Contact Patryk, the developer of Baltic Shimmers. He sent me (a) a new build of Baltic Shimmers and (b) a newer version of Halion Sonic SE, because the version I was downloading from Steinberg’s web site was NOT the version that the page said it was. Nor was their customer support helpful.

After receiving those files from Patryk and reinstalling everything, I was finally able to load Baltic Shimmers.

A complete nightmare. I’ll never buy another Steinberg product (nor a library made for a Steinberg product) again.

(NOTE: To see Baltic Shimmers’ interface, you have to click on “Edit” in Halion Sonic SE, which is counterintuitive.)

Thanks for your reply - yeah, we got there in the end - I contacted Sonic Atoms support and after a bit of back anf forth I ended up doing what you did. A bit messy…

Now I have the issue of upgrading from Windows 7 to 10 and my audio/midi interface not wotking (lol). One day, (maybe soon?) I might be able to make some music (?).