Can't Load GM programs.

Hi folks,
All I’m after is a banjo sound. This seems to translate to [GM 106] Banjo. I select and load it but nothing really happens. There is a momentary flicker in the Program Window, but whatever is currently selected is not replaced.
I’ve done a bit more testing and find that I can’t load any of the GM sounds. I can load most of the non-GM sounds.
What do I need to do?

if you want use HS in GM Mode :
in HALion Sonic go to the Option panel then in global set “Program Change” to “GM Mode” !
then all you have to do it’s put the right program change in your midi track to have your GM sound !

I did as you suggested and enabled GM mode but I still can’t load the program.
Just a momentary flash as it tries to load then nothing.

I managed to capture a screenshot showing the program attempting to load. Took me about thirty attempts to catch it as the name only lasts a very short time before it clears again.
Any ideas?

Well I would Think about à bad installation of HALion Sonic Library, are you on win / mac ?

Screenshot isn’t loading for me, but I’m betting, like HS87, that your Halion Sonic content either hasn’t been installed, or isn’t in a location the plugin can find. The Halion content was a separate download/install if I remember right.

I did some research tonight and worked through all 2702 named programs.

In the ‘Load’ tab there is an 'Instrument Set Filter with the following values:

  • All Instrument Sets - 2702
  • HALion Sonic Factory Content - 1335 - All load.
  • HALion Sonic SE Artist - 406 - 22 fail to load. Mainly Kit/Multi/Shop.
  • HALion Sonic SE Basic - 185 - All GM sounds fail to load.
  • HALion Sonic SE Hybrid - 300 - All fail to load.
  • HALion Sonic SE Pro - 386 - All load.
  • HALion Symphonic Orchestra - 110 - All load.

I read on a BB somewhere the HALion Sonic expects to find vstsound files in a certain folder. I found at least six folders that contain these files.

As a result of these investigations I determined that vstsound files seem to use XML as the base language.

What your system win or mac ? If win I can help you !

Hi HS87,
I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate on an iMac.

Hi HS87,
More information, I loaded HALion Sonic SE instead of HALion Sonic and all is well, I have a banjo.
Thanks for engaging with me in trying to solve my problem.

you must have a wrong install cause all the sound from HS SE can be load in HS.