Can't load Spectrasonics Keyscape Track Presets

Reproduction steps:

  1. Load Spectrasonics Keyscape (Spectrasonics - Keyscape - Collector Keyboards)
  2. Save a preset:
    (The preset is properly saved)
  3. Load a preset

Result: The preset browser is empty, even though I don’t have any filters on:

But when you try to save another preset, you can see that your preset was saved:

Any idea why this might happen? Did I f*ck something in the configuration / filters that I can’t see?


  • This is reproducing in Cubase 11, but worked in 10.5
  • From all the plugins I own it reproduces only in Spectrasonics Keyscape (It works fine even with Omnisphere), but it might happen for other plugins as well.

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This does not seem to be related to the issue I described.

probably best direct this to Keyscape support ?

But this is a Cubase feature… what do I tell them, that their plugin is compatible with this specific feature in this specific DAW? It’s weird that it works on any other plugin.

If you look at the details in the plugin manager, including file location, type (vst2/vst3), version number

It’s not a vst2 issue because I have other vst2 plugins in which it works well… The location and every other detail is the same as Omnisphere… this is really weird.


i was responding to @jonsousan not to you - he is reporting a different issue

Two threads with similar, but different (!) issues have been merged - hence the confusion.

I will unmerge them,

Not sure if this will help but I remember something about someone altering the “location tree” to find missing presets.

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