Can't load VST instruments

Hello Cubase users
I’m running Cubase 12 Pro. Whenever I go to insert a VST instrument into my project, it won’t insert. Double-clicking doesn’t do it. And if I R-click, the option of inserting isn’t there. Here’s a pic.

I have reloaded Cubase 12. But it changes nothing.
Honestly, I’ve got to admit that I’m having more problems with Cubase 12 than with any previous version. Continual non-loading and crashing. And my machine is whirring away all the time. Even when I switch it off and back on again, the machine is still whirring away.
But if someone can tell me why I can’t upload VST instruments, that would be appreciated.

Are you sure you’ve also installed the data of the instruments you’re trying to open?

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I guess that’s a good point…

So, yes, there were things uninstalled, and I installed them. But I still can’t do anything with the Jazzclub Trumpet. But when I look at it, I see that it’s different from the other VST sounds. They are mostly labelled “Instrument”. But the Jazzclub Trumpet is “ContentPlayer”. Can anyone clue me in on the difference?

This Jazzclub Trumpet is part of the Halion Sonic SE3 library. Maybe Media Bay didn’t register it correctly? Or maybe it would help to reinstall the library from SDA?

Open Halion SE on an instrument track and try to open it from within the plugin?
It works on my system.