Can't log into

I can’t log in.
I’ve tried mobile and two different PCs and three different browsers on each of them. I’ve also used VPNs. Also tried clearing cookies.

I get multiple different results when trying to log in.

  • I get 504 timeout when I press ‘sign in’.
  • the page is loading forever
  • i get an error page
  • unknown error, contact administrator
    I’ve contacted Yamaha about this and they said they’re experiencing the same thing.
    Why is it so difficult to log in? I have no issues browsing the shop. I’m trying to register my product and the website won’t let me.

I have a new result when trying to log in.

Sorry, we did not understand your request.
The page you’re looking for can’t be found. The link is broken.
Bad request 400

maybe it was down during the nighttime here in the EU? I have no problems to login to mysteinberg now