Can't Merge rest bar on Muli Bar rest on Score Editors

Hello, I have a question for Score Editor . Thanks for your time and help!

I have a 3 bar rest and a empty bar next to it. I want to add that bar tto make it a 4. The problem is no matter how I delete the start of the track I cant get it to display 4 rest bars.

Change the Multi-Bar Rests value in Score Settings>Layout, or if you work in Cubase 11 or 12, click the multi-bar rest symbol and modify the Consolidate value in the Right Zone to get the desired result.
In your case set that value to 3.

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Thanks for the reply! I tried what you said but it’s not working. Its like the last bar is bugged or something. I delete all the info in it to make sure there is nothing hidden but it never merges with the other 3 no matter what.

If I choose consolidate 1 or 2 the 3 bars merge, but the last bar is left out

Can you post an image with all filters check marked?


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Sure! Thanks for your help!

That’s not exactly what I meant.

I want to check for an an element in those measures. They are also displayed in the Midi List Editor

Im sorry I think I got it know

I hope this is what you wanted to check. Ill show you an image of the MIDI list editor first time checking this out so Im not sure if I got it right.

Thank you so much for your time and help!

erm… Your midi list editor shows timecode/seconds… how do I find bar 4?

Anyway, just look for an event that is even partly in the measure in question.