Can't Move Folder

I’ve copied a folder from one location to another.
When i try to open the new location file Cubase asks do i want 1. New or 2 Old.
When i try 1 New. Cubase just hangs until go into Task Manager and end task.
I’ve copied folder and files for year without any problems but this has just started with 0.04


Does Cubase make a crash dump file? If yes, could you attach it, please?

What happens, if you select “Old”?

For a Copy, I would strongly recommend to use File > Back Up Project function in Cubase.

Hi Martin
Sorry for the late reply.
It did open Ok when i selected old.
After trying the pc to restart and also switching pc off it finally loaded the project OK to 1. new.
I’ll try the back up feature next time
Many thanks and keep up the good work.